Monday, 6 February 2012

New Things...

It has been 9 weeks since my last post. Ummm, sorry about that!  Term 4 is always an horrific time of year for me.  There are report cards, graduation, movie making, report cards, orientation days, packing up, cleaning, filling in ISP's and farewells.  Then there are the Christmas holidays, which I truly cherish.  However, travelling, Christmas, travelling, new years, travelling, weddings in NSW and all of a sudden, 6 weeks have passed and I'm back at work and then the craziness of term 1 and the new school year begins!

To back track a little bit... In the last few of weeks of school I began to feel really unwell.  I was still exhausted and feeling revolting and swimming wasn't doing me any favours, nor was the typical end of year work load.  It all came to a climax when I got pins and needles in my legs and dizzy spells while trying to teach.  I went home and made a doctors appointment.  

The following morning I said to husband, "I'm going to do a pregnancy test, because I know that will be the first thing she asks me."  "But you did one a few weeks ago and it was negative!" was his response.  "I know but I want to give her a definitive answer." which I already knew was 'no'.  So off I went and tinkled on the stick, replaced the cap and set it aside.  A minute later I glanced over at the stick.  "Fuck!"  I said in disbelief.  "What?" said husband. "Fuck."  I said again.  "What!?!" Said husband. "Umm. I'm pregnant." I said, not believing what was coming out of my mouth. "Fuck!" said husband.  I walked out of our en suite and held the stick in front of him.  "2 lines.  Pregnant." I said  "Ah, yep.  And they can't get any darker, Hun.  We're having a baby!"  He said with a massive smile on his face.  So there you have it!  I'm pregnant!!!  20 weeks tomorrow to be exact!  Have I been avoiding you all... Maybe a little bit!

To all those out there who sent me messages asking if I could be pregnant... You were right!  To cut a very long story short, I had no idea and didn't even suspect it.  Mainly because I had already done a test (I would have been 3 or 4 weeks pregnant when I did it) and the result was negative.  Without going into a complete medical history my reproductive system has never been reliable and teamed with contraception, pregnancy wasn't in the forefront of my mind, or really even a possibility.  But on reflection, how could I not have realised!!

There were 2 people who have been part of my journey who I was particularly concerned to tell.  My dietitian and surgeon.  When I told my dietitian, she couldn't have been more thrilled!  I was SO relieved!  We have since had a couple of consultations where we have done some blood work and added vitamin and mineral supplements and discussed eating habits while I'm 'with child' (that sounds so dodgy!).  The next was my surgeon, Dr R.  Well what a frosty response I received from him.  I wasn't expecting flowers and a baby shower but my, my, my.  "This isn't ideal, is it?"  Was his response.  I told him that while it wasn't something we were planning, we were absolutely thrilled and couldn't wait to be parents.  I can see his point of view though.  I was meant to wait for 12 months before falling pregnant to ensure that my nutrition and weight were at appropriate levels.  I managed to wait 2 months.  Oops.  One night of passion and look what happens!!!!

Here's some more good news!  Since finding out the big news, I have lost a couple more kilograms, taking me to a total of 33kg total weight loss.  Excellent!  My dietitian tells me that I probably won't gain any weight during pregnancy, but rather maintain my weight.  Double excellent!!  She said that she'd seen someone gain about 5kg but it was very quickly lost after the birth.  So far, so good.  

When it comes to food though, things have changed.  My quantities have increased (I had heard that this would increase around the 6 month mark) and the frequency I eat has increased too.  It had to.  I have become a snacking queen.  My handbag is full of almonds, dried fruit and museli bars just incase I get hungry!!  
I have developed a fascination with sugar and carbohydrates.  Anything with sugar is an absolute target for me.  Frozen coke (anything cold / frozen and I have to have it), fruit, lollies, chocolate, cake mix, vanilla bean rice pudding with sultanas and banana (seriously, that specific), sticky date pudding, chocolate or strawberry milk, chocolate billabongs... You get the gist.  Oh, and Twisties.  I will fight anyone who stands between me and a packet of cheese Twisties.  Mmmmm, salty, cheesy goodness... Mmmmmmmm.  I am trying very hard to eat foods that are good for me and my bambino, but with this sugar obsession, it's very difficult!!

Anyway, we go for our 20 week scan this week.  I'm not sure who is more excited, husband or myself.  Thinking about the 1.5 litres of water I have to drink before the scan, it's probably husband!!! I promise that I will write again sooner rather than later....

Adios from Wanda (our little fish) and I...