Thursday, 30 June 2011

Days 3 & 4

I've had a couple of friends staying with me for the last couple of days.  It was so wonderful to have them here, and it made my days SO much easier to get through - thanks Lisa and Tara for helping to keep me occupied!!!  We had lunch out yesterday, I enjoyed my salad (with v.small amount of grilled chicken) and wasn't too worried about missing out on the good stuff.  I reflected on the fact that I usually would have ordered a burger with chips and an ice coffee.  That's a loooong way from my salad!

I am still consistently verrrrry hungry.  Anything I eat only fills me up for a half hour or so and then I get a growling in my stomach and feel nauseous again.  My current diet is as follows: Breakfast - optifast shake, morning tea - juice (with onlly 2 pieces of fruit total), lunch - shake and a salad, afternoon tea - fat free soup made on water, dinner tiny amount of lean meat (less then 150g) and veg, dessert - shake and a sugar free lolly. I've had a headache for the last 3 days too.  Nothing unbearable, just a constant tightness all over my head.  I just have to keep thinking about the bigger picture.  This is only for another 10 days and then it's surgery time!!

I've been making a juice to help recover from surgery. I'm allowed 2 pieces of fruit a day and after some searching and asking around, it is comprised of: Pineapple for bruising and swelling, ginger for nausea, orange for vitamin c and apple/watermelon for flavour.  I really look forward to it every day!  I'm also taking zinc to boost my immunity and strong doses of multivitamins too.

I finally go word that APRA has approved my case today.  Very excited about that.  Not that I was worried but coming up with a rather large amount of cash when you have a great whopping mortgage is a little hard!  So now the financial side of things are covered we are good to go!!!!

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