Monday, 28 November 2011

The Big Three-O

Well I bloody made it!  Actually, I have surpassed it! My total weight loss, as of today is 31.6kg, you little ripper!  In the imperial system that equates to about 70 pounds!  Crazy! 

I think that another 15kg might just do me.  I've never wanted to be skinny, that's what I'm most worried about... Looking like a lolly pop and my head (which is already quite sizeable) totally overshadowing my body. *Shudders* God I hate that look.  It just makes me want to chuck them a bikkie or shove a cream bun down their throat!!  I just want to be small enough to shop in normal shops.  I'm nearly there too!! I would say that I am a size 17.  Not quite a 16 or an 18!!  It's a bit frustrating being stuck between a plus size and the national average!  Another 5 or 6kg and I recon I can wave good bye to the 18 for good!

My weight loss has slowed right down but I am curious to know what to do if I don't want to lose any more?  I've been told that I will stop at around 35kg and that I'll have to work hard to get any extra off (which I am totally prepared to do, especially since I can barely eat anything anyway!), so I'll just have to wait and see I guess!  I have been told horror stories of people ending up underweight... I honestly can't imagine that happening to me!!

In food news, I am LOVING fruit at the moment.  Hooray for summer fruits!  The mango's that are available are absolutely sublime and I'm having at least half a mango a day!  My lunch for the last few days has been rockmelon, mango, lychee's and whatever else I've got, mixed up with low fat yoghurt.  Oh. My. God.  So good!

Well, that's it until I lose another few kilo's.  I'm really looking forward to Christmas and seeing many of my relatives that I haven't seen since Christmas last year!!  It's such a great time of year, I think I'm learning to appreciate it as I'm getting older...

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  1. WOW Elly.
    I am so proud of you.
    The journey is bound to have ups and downs, but you seem to be taking it all it your stride.
    We must catch up when next you're in Brisbane.
    Richard Comer. xoxoxoxo