Tuesday, 15 November 2011

I Feel Better Now!

Firstly, I can't believe that ten thousand people have read my blog!  That is amazeballs!!  As the numbers were climbing I thought it was unreal that a thousand people cared enough to have a squiz... but ten thousand?  Wow!  Thank you all for your support and messages of encouragement, I really do appreciate it!!

Now, what's news... Well, I'm feeling better.  Great news!  AND I've lost about a kilo in a week and a bit taking me to.....28.8kg!!!  Fantastic news!!  I'm SO keen to hit the big 3-0!  

I took the week off swimming last week and still felt fairly shitty on Monday and Tuesday.  After trying to get into see my GP and told the earliest appointment was in 3 weeks (I asked the receptionist if it was beneficial that I plan the next time I am going to be sick? Gruff response of Mmmmmm)  I had a colleague ask a friend (who is a dietitian) if she had any tips for me (thanks Fiona!).  She suggested that I could be dehydrated and need to drink more water and Gatorade to help replace the bits that I was using.  I also tried to increase my protein intake (which I find difficult since I'm not massively into meat or eggs) but I did focus on meat, eggs and cheese during the week.  I also ate some salmon and baby spinach to try and up my omega 3's and iron intake which could also have been part of the problem.  By Thursday I was bouncing off the walls.  Crazy, irritating kind of bouncing off the walls.  I had loads more energy and as a result, my sleeping patterns became erratic towards the end of the week.  What a change!!  From falling asleep at 8:00pm most nights to struggling to get to sleep at 11:30pm!!

So this week I started swimming again.  I've only been once so far and I made sure that I had an egg and half a piece of toast for breakfast to help with protein again.  I also swapped my ritual morning coffee for a green tea in the hope of continuing to hydrate myself after my swim.  I have been feeling OK, but I think the true showing will be on Thursday after I swim again in the morning.  I also backed off and swam 22 laps instead of my usual 30.  I'm not sure if that made a difference but I know I felt slightly guilty that I didn't bust out 30!!  I also measured myself after a month of swimming here are the results:
Bust = -2cm
Waist = -4cm
Hips = -2cm
Bicep = -4cm
Thigh = -19cm (I think this must be an error.  19cm seems ridiculous! Maybe I didn't measure properly last time?)

And that's it.  I know there haven't been photo's in AGESSSS so I will get husband to take a few new ones when he's home this shift.

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  1. Im so glad you are feeling better Elly