Sunday, 25 September 2011

10 Week Surgiversary!

I know the latest update photo's are slightly late - sorry!!  Although life has returned to its quiet state, I find myself busy every day!  I have thrown out another 2 bags of clothes that no longer fit me, I LOVE doing that!  It is so incredibly fulfilling to throw out the old!  

One item that I just can't part with is my denim skirt(s).  I have had them for so long that I really am having trouble parting with them!  They are far too big now and make me look much bigger than I actually am, particularly around the stomach and hips.  If I need anything above shoulder height I have to hold onto the waist of them or they end up around my ankles.  Not funny in the frozen section of Woolies reaching for something on the top shelf, I can assure you!  I've gone through so much with these skirts... From not being able to do up the top button or zip after weeks of over indulging to not needing to undo the button or zip to get it on and off because I'm existing on liquids!  Parting with them will be saying goodbye to a staple item of my wardrobe.  I will need to replace them with something or I may need to resort to something hideous like bike pants.  Looks like I'm going to have to hit the shops!

People keep asking me if I feel amazing.  Nope, I feel the same as I did 3 months ago.  For a while I was expecting to wake up with boundless energy and feel the overwhelming urge to go for a run.  No, no.  Running is still only for emergencies.  However, a couple of things that I have noticed that are different include:  
  1. I am much closer to my toes.  I can bend over and get much closer than I could before.  No longer do I have to kind of squint and wonder if there is a broken nail down there.
  2. I can feel bones in my frame.  I have located the elusive hip bone that everyone has been talking about for years.  It's quite big really.
  3. I have a jaw line and the beginnings of collar bones.  This is exciting.  I use to look in the mirror when I was 13 and wonder why my collar bones didn't jut out like my friends did.  Well they've finally started to show!
  4. I no longer see flesh when I look down.  Don't get me wrong, I can still see stomach, but in ground breaking news I can also see toes!
  5. Forearms and arms in general.  I saw a semi defined muscle the other day!  I'm not lying!  I saw it and husband saw it too!  He nodded and said 'yes, i think it is a bicep!'  SO exciting.  It looked like a little lump just above my tuckshop lady arms.  I was pretty happy about that!
  6. I'm learning to take compliments.  It's hard sometimes to acknowledge and accept a compliment graciously.  I am trying to learn to say 'thank you, I'm really enjoying the journey' but it still comes out as 'ohthankswellyouknowit'sexpectedsinceidon'teatanymore!'
  7. Portion sizes are ridiculous!  I'm getting used to serving myself up much smaller portions, however, I am still putting too much food out!  
Anyway, here are the photo's!!

This one is a comparison from the pre-op diet to now.

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