Thursday, 29 September 2011

Extra Small!

There is nothing I love more than shopping.  I adore spending money and carrying bags around with new stuff to play with.  I am the most terrible saver on the face of the earth and always spend every cent of my pay, always.  Any money I have lying around burns a hole in my pocket and makes me itch.  It must be spent.  Here's the good news. I'm very quickly running out of clothing.  Gosh darn it.  But I am trying to be sensible.  That's a funny word, sensible.  I don't really understand what it means.  Anyway, I digress...

About a week ago I jumped onto Virtu, one of my favourite online clothing stores.  I found a gorgeous stripey singlet that I thought would be perfect for summer.  Team it with a nice block colour maxi skirt or cute denim shorts, sandals and a big hat and it would be fab!  But what size do I get?  Since they sell clothing from size 12 - 24 their sizes are a little different.  12 - 14 is xxs, 14 - 16 is xs, 16 - 18 is sm, 18 - 20 is medium and so on.  So I was a bit unsure what to get.  I'm a good size 18 now so small would be perfect for now.  But what about when I lose more weight?  Should I get an extra small? (insert silly giggle because the word extra small was used to describe something I will wear).  Nah.  I should get the small... No. You know what? Fuck it. I'm ordering the extra small!!

So I waited patiently for the shirt to arrive...
"There's a package for you" said husband tossing it to me. 
"Oh, it's my shirt I ordered the other day."  I opening it up to have a look.  "Pfft.  That's going to sit in my cupboard for a while!" I said seeing how small it was. 
"I don't know, hun.  I recon it might fit you... give it a go!"

So I slipped my arms in and pulled it over my head.  Expecting it to get caught on my boobs (which clothing tends to do, a lot), I had already prepared a robot arms comedy piece to avoid the awkward 'it doesn't fit yet' moment.  But you know what? It slid, somewhat snugly, over my boobs and sat almost perfectly on my hips.  I danced.  Not something you'd see in an awesome night club in The Valley, rather something you'd see at a hoedown full of special people with absolutely no ability to locate the rhythm in a song.  I even threw in a yee-hah for good measure!  I continued this amazing display of interpretive dance around the house whilst also throwing in a conga type experience with "I'm an extra small - yeah! I'm an extra small - yeah!" to complete the set.  Husband just smiled and shook his head at me, again.  I think, after almost 8 years together, he's getting used to my insanity...

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