Saturday, 1 October 2011


I must stop grazing!  I find it is easier to eat more food if it is "nibbles" type food.  For example; chips, dips, popcorn, jatz with cheese and kabana, nuts etc.  I can graze for ages until I feel full.  It's small amounts of yummy things that I like the most about nibbles.  Although when you're grazing, those small amounts turn into not so small amounts!  When it comes to meal time I can only eat a small amount of food (about half a bread and butter plate) and then I feel ridiculously full.  When I'm grazing I mentally feel more satisfied but not physically.  I really like being social and sitting around with a glass of wine, chatting with friends.  Thank goodness I'm back to work on Monday and the snacking will end - at least until the Christmas break! 

In other news, I had an appointment with my surgeon who is exceptionally happy with my progress.  I've lost 11.9kg since I last saw him 7 odd weeks ago.  He reminded me that I should be having 0 calorie liquids frequently during the day.  Hmm.  Mental note: Start on 0 calorie liquids and not apple juice as of now!

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