Tuesday, 11 October 2011

3 Month Surgiversary!

Time flies when you're having fun!  I cannot believe that 3 months ago today was my surgery!  It honestly feels like yesterday!  I am 26kg down which is AMAZING!  To break that down mathematically (I am seriously challenged in mathematics so if I'm wrong, I'm not surprised) I have been losing about 280g a day!  I now weigh almost the same as I did when I was in grade 11 which was 18 years ago. 

I am waiting patiently for it to warm up just a tiny bit more to start swimming again.  The other day I bought new goggles and a swimmers snorkel (no more stiff neck for me!) to accompany my gear bag, fins and kick board. These are all essential if you are going to 
a) look like a pro and 
b) totally tone up the bod, ready for summer!  
Maggie (the fur baby) and I have been walking every day and chasing each other around the house.  Husband and I are also thinking of getting bicycles so we can go riding together.  That could be a good Christmas pressie I think.  Although if I'm going to be riding a pushy, I want an original stackhat to complete the look.  Hmmm... EBay? 
I'm definitely feeling more energetic these days.  I rarely wake up during the night anymore and get a solid 8 hours (at least) every night which I'm sure is a huge part of feeling so energised!  It's the first time in YEARS that I have slept through the night.  It feels great!  Previously it wasn't unusual for me to get up 3 or 4 times to go to the loo or get a drink.  Now, nada.  Peaceful, uninterrupted sleep... Bliss!

One thing that has been concerning me of late is dizzy spells.  It is probably only low blood pressure but they are worrying me a little bit.  I have tried to google gastric sleeve and dizzy spells and most suggest blood pressure or lack of food.  It's definitely not the latter so it's either low blood pressure or a tumour.  We'll see!  Note to self: Visit GP about dizzy spells asap!

Ah, that's what I wanted to mention... I have established a daily routine for all my tablets, now that I am back at work:  Wake up, 'accidently' wake husband (when he's home) to say good morning, get out glass and half fill with icy water, add berocca.  Assemble line of tablets to consume - women's multivitamin, wild krill oil, somac and and other one that eludes me at the moment.  Drink and swallow (swallowing a whole tablet isn't a drama anymore) and then wait 20 minutes before thinking about breakfast!  It's good that I am remembering to take them everyday!!  It was a bit hit and miss before!

So this time 3 months ago I was waking up in the high dependency unit, in shock that I had ACTUALLY followed through and had the op done.  To be honest, I still am shocked.  I remember hearing about the procedure and thinking to myself, "this could be the solution you have been looking for since you were 14!"  But I never thought I'd follow through with it.  I think the difference between all those other diets that I failed at and this procedure is that now I never feel as though I'm missing out on anything.  If I really want it, I can have it.  Just in teeny tiny amounts.  And, most importantly, I can see and feel the differences in myself that I have wanted to see and feel for so long.  And you know what? Best decision. Ever.

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  1. I am really fighting the urge to say I told you so. Or that I could have told you so. Way back down there somewhere you said you would never have the desire to exercise. I wanted to tell you that you would. I have gone from fat to thin (well not thin, but healthy and fit) and felt the same way about exercise. It's amazing the change actually having some energy gives you eh? You might not ever run a marathon (or then again, maybe you will!), but you will definitely enjoy moving more. I am so glad it is happening for you. xo