Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Big Two-Oh!

I have officially hit the 20kg mark!  Yipee!!  I would be here if it wasn't for that nasty virus that knocked me for six, that I can guarantee.  I didn't eat for 3 days when I had that nasty thing.  Even towards the end of the week I had no interest in eating anything... I just kept drinking fluids.  During this time, I also had some really uncomfortable pains in my stomach whenever I tried to eat.  Even the smallest, and usually easy to eat item gave me grief.  I stop eating when that happens, it totally ruins your appetite and puts you off! 
Over the weekend my "appetite" has returned and I am keen to eat again.  I'm not hungry or feeling weak but I want to try foods, rather than being worried they will cause discomfort.   I'm meant to start slowly introducing solids as of tomorrow but things have been going really, really well for a couple of days so I started a bit early (naughty me).

We went out for dinner on Friday night to a smorgasbord - totally a waste of money on my behalf but whatever,  I went to be social.  I had a 1cm piece of beef, a 1cm piece of chicken and roughly the same with a piece of potato.  No problem at all!!! Hooray!!!  Yesterday I had a couple of macadamia nuts, some sausage, and even a little piece of ciaobata bread... No problem at all!!  Hooray again!!!  Today I had a third of a cucumber and creamed cheese sandwich (the Queen's fave).  It was so delicious!  I have also begun to try salad-y bits and pieces: Tomato is good, lettuce is good, grated carrot is good and cucumber is also good.  I am mindful that once I can tolerate a solid texture I shouldn't go back to the mushy textures.  It's hard to imagine that only 5 weeks ago I could barely swallow a teaspoon of water.  I know I've still got a loooooong way to go until my diet is fully back to allowing all items on the agenda but so far, so good!

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