Sunday, 21 August 2011


I have been hanging for a Vietnamese spring roll.  It's all I've been thinking about for a couple of weeks now but I thought it would be too difficult to eat.  Tonight, I braved it.  My mouth was watering so much as I cut up all the ingredients.  It's one of those meals that is so fresh and healthy that you feel good preparing it and even better eating it.  I wet the rice paper and laid it on my plate.  I layered tiny amounts of vermicelli noodles, cucumber, carrot, lettuce, mint and finely diced chicken.  I rolled it up and swallowed the litre of saliva that had built up in anticipation.  I dunked this little piece of heaven in hoi sin sauce and swallowed the other litre of saliva that had already filled my mouth again.  I bit in and began the lengthy chewing process.  And chewed.  And chewed.  And swallowed.  And then I waited to see the effect it would have on me... Nothing.  No pain! Are you kidding me?  HOORAYYYY!!!  I can eat these!!  You little bloody ripper! 

I thought I'd only get through one, but at the end I was fairly confident I could do another.  So I repeated the process (minus the saliva bit) and savoured every single tiny bite, until I got about three quarters of the way into it and then needed to take a break.  I wasn't sure if I was full but I kept going and quite easily finished it.  I decided (after a 5 minute break) that I was going to try for a third.  That was silly of me.  It took me 15 minutes just to get half way through the third, only to discover that I couldn't finish it.  I just started to feel sick - which is my trigger for too much has been consumed.  My eyes are apparently still too big for my stomach, which is now even smaller so I'm in a world of trouble!!

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