Monday, 8 August 2011

Happy 1 Month Surgi-versary!

This time a month ago I was just waking up from my surgery.  I would never have believed that I would come so far in a month!  In about a week I am allowed to start introducing "normal" foods into my diet, mind you I won't be rushing this in any way, shape or form!!  I still get a pain in the top of my stomach if I eat too quickly or try to eat more than half a teaspoon at a time.  I'm quite happy with minced and mashed and give my continuing disinterest in food it wouldn't bother me to leave it another few weeks before having a go!!  My total weight loss since surgery is 10.5kg and 17kg overall.  Awesome!

On Saturday I came down with a nasty virus.  Nassssty virus.  I have been virtually bed ridden since.  I had been hoping that it was just a virus but I just wasn't sure.  When I got up this morning I went to take my somac and within seconds I knew I was going to throw up.  Wracked with terror I braced myself over the loo and let rip.  Since my stomach is so small now the amount of vomit is also significantly reduced... It doesn't make the experience any more pleasant though!!  I was concerned that I may have a leak or something wrong with my gizzards so I contacted the surgeon to see if it was a possibility.  The possibility was minor but still there.  I called my GP and told them it was an emergency (since she is usually booked about a month in advance).  They got me straight in - phew!  After taking my temp (39.1) and blood pressure (normal) and poking and prodding around it was decided that it was just a virus.  I haven't been that relieved in a looong time!!

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