Saturday, 30 July 2011

Check Up

I had a follow up appointment with the dietitian on Thursday.  I have my appointments by phone because I couldn't get an appointment with the dietitian in town.  It suits me though, I like her, she's my kind of person, I think.  We both have dogs and a slight obsession with them.  Brian the Beagle is an awesome name for a dog.  She gained my respect instantly!  

She was impressed with the amount of weight that I had lost and gave me some tips for trying new food.  It really is all about texture.  I know the second I put something in my mouth if it is going to be easy or difficult to swallow.  If I think it is going to be difficult i firstly start to panic a little bit and then look for a liquid of some sort to take a tiny sip of and make it a bit mushier to swallow.  The two things that catch me up are a) totally forgetting about the sleeve and putting a "normal" size mouthful in and then having to chew for 5 minutes to be able to swallow a tiny portion and b) getting over excited about a food and wanting to eat more than I'm able to.  I'm still learning to control the excitement!!!

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