Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Skinny Jeans!

My apologies for not blogging in the last few days.  The hard drive in my virtually brand new laptop shat itself and needed replacing.  We only got it back today.  This was my first priority!
Things have been progressing smoothly.  I'm down about 11.5kg already.  I feel fantastic and other than feeling like an afternoon nap most days I am as bright as a button.  I still have some air trapped which is irritating and causes minor shoulder pain, and I still can't sleep on my stomach, but that's it.  I have finally taken off my dressings and steristrips.  I was hesitant to take them off just in case I ripped the wounds open, but it was fine.  On the food, or liquids front, I should probably be drinking a lot more than I am, but I honestly find myself not interested in eating or drinking anything at all.  I am very aware of trying to stay hydrated and I'm drinking about a litre of water a day, but otherwise I will have a very small amount of runny porridge in the morning, a Tony Fergusson shake for lunch and a miso soup for dinner.  After dinner, when I always want chocolate or something sweet, I'll have custard or a yogo.  I still get that "blocking" pain right below my sternum when I try to swallow too much, but I seem to have increased the amount that I can swallow considerably since getting home a week ago.  Thick-ish soups and pureed fruit continues to be the enemy so I have chosen to avoid these for the time being!!  I long for a piece of fresh white bread with butter, but that is a very, very long way off!

Do you remember the episode of Sex And The City when Miranda finds a pair of jeans (her "skinny" jeans) that she has had in the top of her cupboard since the 80's and wonders, do I dare try them on?  And when she does, realises that she not only has her pre-baby body back but she is even slimmer than she was before the baby?  I had that exact moment today!  Except for the pre-baby thing, obviously!
I was trying to find something to wear to the movies in The Hamptons with the hubby when I thought I'd try on my jeans.  Now this first pair of jeans I have always fit into, it's just that in the last 18 months I've had to more or less pour myself into them and not breathe or eat for the duration of their wearing.  I put them on and they were too big!!  I'm talking the kind of too big that would make me look ridiculous if I tried to wear them in public.  I glanced over to my skinny jeans (and not the type of skinny jeans that should only be worn by someone who is either considered a supermodel or has toothpicks for legs or is trying to avoid being raped given that they need to be peeled off, but regular boot cut jeans) and thought.... Hmmmm it's probably too early to be trying them on.  I might get them onto my knees but I don't know about doing them up yet.... Oh hell, let's give it a go!
I blew the considerable amount of dust off them and flicked them out.  I haven't worn these since I was 27, 5 years ago.  I put one leg in and chuckled to myself, not a chance but let's keep going... I put the other leg in and began to pull them up over my knees... Wait a cotton pickin' minute, these fuckers are going up without any pulling or tugging or sucking anything in.  Surely this dream is going to stop as soon as I get them over my arse... Ok, they are up and happily around my arse, in fact, I'm going to use the term loose.  They are loose around my arse.  Oh. Em. Gee.  They won't do up, no way they'll do up.  Gethefuckoutoftown they've done up, AND they are loose around my waist too! YEEEEHHHAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! So I have achieved one of my first milestones only 10 days after surgery... My skinny jeans are on! I can't tell you how fricking excited I have been all day!  Today I strutted.  Everywhere I went was with a strut.  I felt gooood!
In other news, at the movies I consumed about 10 pieces of popcorn without any pain at all.  I know I'm not meant to eat anything semi solid for another week but I had to give it a go.  I miss real food!  One piece at a time and I chewed until that was basically a liquid anyway and then swallowed.  No problemo!  Hooray.  I didn't push it because I didn't want to have a stomach full of popcorn which could cause trouble, but a few wee pieces, very well chewed, was fine!  Happy days!

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  1. About time for some photos, isn't it?

    (Heart) you. Your bro.