Sunday, 3 July 2011

The weekend

All progressing relatively well.  My body has rid itself of carbs and the boundless energy stores are coursing through me making me look like a psychotic child with ADHD.  At least it's only the husband to annoy!!!

On Friday I went to visit a friend at the hospital that is doing my op.  The minute I walked into the foyer I broke out in a sweat and began to panic.  As I get closer to the 11th it is becoming more and more real.  I'm going to have to remind myself of the bigger picture and to bloody breathe and stay calm.  It is pretty daunting though.  I'm just glad Ben will be there to hold my hand and keep me calm and focused.  He's good like that.  We balance each other I think.

Last night we headed up the road for a BBQ with the Hendrie's (thanks for having us Luke and Kel!) I spoke to the dietitian during my consultation and asked if I could have just one night off the dreaded pre-op diet.  She said yes, but told me to try and be sensible.  In other words... Dear bull, when a red flag is waved at you could you please jog carefully towards it and don't hurt anyone. 
We had a delicious steak and salad dinner and I made my first ever potato bake.  I was SO excited at the prospect of potato bake.  I haven't had it in 5 years I recon and I tell you what, yummo!  There is something so good about cream, potato and bacon together.  A few vodka's and some horrid traditional cloudy scrumpy we called it a night.  

Back on liquids again today.  

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