Monday, 4 July 2011


I had a thought today that I should probably put a disclaimer on this blog since it is publicly accessible.  So here it is...
I am not responsible for any choices that you may make for yourself.  I make my own awesome decisions and if they are right for me, yay.  If they are wrong for me, shit and whoopsiedoodle. 
I have done significant soul searching and research and spoken to many, many medical experts in this field before making this decision which I believe is right for me (not for anyone else out there no matter how awesome you are).  Before you make you own decisions regarding anything to do with any of the content contained in this blog, you should do the same.  Additionally, anything that I eat or say that I have eaten is not a suitable diet for normal people.  It is a diet that has been designed for me, by a qualified dietitian to suit the needs of MY situation, not yours... So get your own situation.
This blog is intended for entertainment and update purposes for my friends and family all over the place and to save me a gazillion dollars in phone bills and re-telling the same stories over and over again.
You are only allowed to use the photos on this blog if you intend to photoshop them to make me look even better than I already do (ha!), or raise money for starving children in Africa.  Otherwise, no dice.
I will not be liable for anyone out there who takes the information from this blog as medically sound.  I'm not even qualified to put on a band aid.


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