Sunday, 17 July 2011

Not So Smooth Sailing...

Today has been my hardest day yet.  6 days post surgery.  I will admit that I've had a big weekend (bed at 2:30am last night - ummarr!) but today I struggled.  I have felt so remarkably good the entire time that I could almost say that I've had ants in my pants!  Aside from a wee bit of continuing pain in my shoulders from the trapped air from the surgery (I'm assuming - maybe my neck is out??) which makes very deep breathing uncomfortable and hiccuping a nightmare, I have not had any other pain! It's hard to curtail your activities when you feel great and can see in yourself that you've lost weight!

After a late start this morning I felt good.  Not as much energy as I've had in past days but nothing wrong with me that caused any bother.  After a sensational and relaxing pedicure and a visit from friends I made pea and ham soup.  I put it in the blender and whizzed the shit out of it so there were no lumps.  To make sure it was quite runny, I added some tomato soup and water too. I poured myself about 150ml and struggled with every single mouthful.  The pain just below my sternum was uncomfortable enough to make me stop every single mouthful and wait until it passed.  I tried smaller mouthfuls and swallowing more slowly - both have worked in the past to stop the pain - but today it was just exhausting.  I had a lie down on the couch and felt better a little while later.  I had a mouthful of water, no pain.  Same amount of apple juice, no pain.  Gahhhh!!  It feels like you take 2 steps forward and then one back!  Yesterday the custard that I had for lunch caused no pain, but today my soup, which was runnier than the custard, hurts.  What's the go, Jo???

I'm always aware that I need to stay hydrated but today I just didn't want anything at all! I am fairly sure that I am well below my 2.5L - 3L intake.  The rest of tonight will be spent sipping water.  That's what you get!  I'm hoping for sunnier skies tomorrow and that whatever is causing the blockage will piss off overnight and let me enjoy the soup I've been fanging for!!!

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