Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Pre-Admission Interview

Today I had my pre-admission interview for my op.  Basically a nurse from the hospital calls to go through your info which you have already sent in and check for allergies, previous operations etc.  They then go through the procedure for the day (when checking in, not when digging through your guts) and answer any questions you might have.  I asked about pain management and what pain I will experience.  I don't know if this is a scale to work by but they offered me a suppository to slow release the pain killer.  Is it really going to be that bad they need to stick it up my bum?  I can assure you that it is going to have to be very bloody bad if anything is going up that route!!!

The whole procedure is pretty daunting to think about.  I've been doing a lot of positive self talk to tell myself I'm going to be fine but I am still nervous!  The doctors and hospitals are all required to tell you about the possibilities that may occur.  The worst for me is a "leak".  From what I understand (I again refer you to my disclaimer which states I am not qualified to apply a band aid) sometimes (about 1 in 200 cases) the staples/stitches at the top of the newly formed sleeve break open and gastric juices can leak into your abdominal cavity.  This can lead to all sorts of problems, the most drastic being death.  I continue to tell myself that everything is super dooper and that I will be just fine.  Ohmysweetbabyjebus I hope so!

I also paid the surgeon and anaesthetist today.  WWWHHHOAAAA!  I wish I had worked WAY harder at school if that's the kind of money they make in a day... And I'm their 3rd operation! 

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